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Diorama, 8.–11. March 2018

8.–11. March 2018

Spilles: Thu 08. Mar 2018 Fri 09. Mar Sat 10. Mar Sun 11. Mar

Dance at Bygdøy.

With the Diorama performance series, choreographer Ingri Fiksdal stages particular views of natural and urban landscapes in different cities and contexts. The word diorama often refers to a three-dimensional model of a landscape, such as displayed in museums of natural history. Another use of the word is for the French diorama theatre invented by Louis Daguerre in 1822, where the audience were sat watching big landscape paintings transform through skillfully manipulated light, sound effects and live performers.

In the Diorama performances, Fiksdal uses choreography as a lens, through which she alters or interferes with a particular landscape and its context . It is this choreographic staging that brings out the artificiality or the dioramic aspect, to which would otherwise be an ordinary urban or natural landscape.The soundtrack is composed by Norwegian avant-garde singer Jenny Hval in collaboration with Norwegian sound artist Lasse Marhaug. The piece premiered in the fishing village of Brixham in England, where the view was staged from an outdoor pool over the sea and the horizon. In Oslo the performance will take place at Huk on the penincula Bygdøy.

The performance is part of Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival at Black Box Teater, and is a cooperation between Dansens Hus and Black Box Teater.


Concept, choreography:
Ingri Fiksdal
Jenny Hval
Lasse Marhaug
Fredrik Floen
Jeffrey Young
Rannei Grenne
Pernille Holden
Harald Behaire
Louis Schou-Hansen
Nicole Schuchardt
Eva Grainger
Ingri Fiksdal
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