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Den japanske hagen, 21.–22. January 2017

Den japanske hagen,
21.–22. January 2017

Spilles: Sat 21. Jan 2017 Sun 22. Jan

A little adventure filled with images and dance, inspired by the beauty of the Japanese garden. 

This garden is like a world in miniature, and has its own unique story about how it came into being: A brave young girl called Shiro left her little mountain village to make the long journey down to the sea. When Shiro returned home to her village, she could not find the words to describe what she had seen on her travels. She began to illustrate her fantastic journey by creating a garden.

The performance starts by briefly telling the story, and then transforms into dance, a journey of exploration around the Japanese garden. The garden is recreated by projection from above, which shines illuminated images onto a dance mat, a magic carpet that responds to physical movements. Hidden pressure transmitters bring images and sounds to life, and during the performance, the children are invited to join the journey through beautiful flower-filled meadows, walking across rivers over singing bridges. They get to jump on leaves floating on a lake, and roll with the waves in the sea. An interactive experience in a poetic and magical world.

The production is suitable for children under the age of 6.


Davide Venturini
Simone Thiis
Alexandra Tveit
Niccolo Gallio
Davide Venturini
Thomas Moss
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