DARKMATTER, 29. - 30. April 2023

29. - 30. April 2023

Body can you become hypothetical, a galaxy, in full gear acceleration, a liquid star monster, failing to die?

  • Duration85 min
  • Price290
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

In her new creation, Cherish Menzo and her onstage partner Camilo Mejía Cortés look for ways to detach their bodies from the way they are perceived and the daily reality in which they move. Among other things, they look up to the sky, at dark matter and at black holes that meet and collide to give birth to a new, (afro)futuristic and enigmatic body. D̶A̶R̶K̶MATTER wants to get rid of the biased way of looking at one’s own body, at that of the other, and at the stories we attribute to them. Together, they throw their bodies into a complex conversation that they want to both enter into and transcend – a duality that feeds the performance.

The performance contains strobe light and nudity. Sound level is high. Ear plugs are available at the entrance.

Background material

  • Foto Tale Hendnes 2022 6

    Cherish Menzo vil skape bølger

    Hiphop, scratching og bølgende slow motion står sentralt når Cherish Menzo holder workshops før sine forestillinger i ulike europiske byer.

  • Skjermbilde 2023 03 29 kl 11 43 32

    DARKMATTER Sangtekster

    Cherish Menzo ønsker å bringe flere stemmer til scenen til sin forestilling DARKMATTER, dette gjør hun ved å engasjere ikke-profesjonelle, lokale sangere i det hun kaller The Distorted Rap Choir på de ulike stedene hun spiller forestillingen.


  • Concept and choreography

    Cherish Menzo

  • Creation and performance

    Camilo Mejía Cortés
    Cherish Menzo

  • Lighting design

    Niels Runderkamp

  • Musical composition

    Gagi Petrovic
    Michael Nunes

  • Mastering

    Gagi Petrovic

  • Music list


  • Scenography

    Morgana Machado Marques

  • Costume design


  • Dramaturgy

    Renée Copraij
    Benjamin Kahn

  • Text

    Cherish Menzo
    Camilo Mejía Cortés
    Shari Kok-Sey-Tjong

  • Vocal and delivery coaching

    Shari Kok-Sey-Tjong

  • Artistic advice

    Christian Yav
    Nicole Geertruida

  • Voices Distorted Rap Choir


  • Sangere i Oslo

    Marlene Sonja Buhendwa
    Hamda Barise
    Faduma Mohamud
    Ryan Mohamed
    Antonio Ramos
    Gabrielle Solaké Graatrud

  • Technicians

    Niels Runderkamp
    Amber Stallenberg/Nele Verreyken

  • Photo

    Bas de Brouwer

Premiere: 12 -15 May 2022, Beursschouwburg/Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussels
GRIP, Frascati Producties
Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussel, BE), CCN-Ballet national de Marseille dans le cadre de l’accueil studio / Ministère de la Culture (FR), actoral festival (Marseille, FR), STUK (Leuven, BE), La Villette (Paris, FR), Festival d’Automne à Paris (FR), Beursschouwburg (Brussels, BE), De Coproducers (NL), Perpodium (BE)
STUK (Leuven, BE), La Villette (Paris, FR), Frascati (Amsterdam, NL), Beursschouwburg (Brussels, BE), CCN-Ballet national de Marseille dans le cadre de l’accueil studio / Ministère de la Culture (FR), Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam (NL)
In collaboration with:
Trill (Leuven, BE), WijzijnDOX (Utrecht, NL)
With the financial support from:
the Flemish Government, The Performing Arts Fund NL, Ammodo, Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government, Cronos Invest
Thanks to:
Eric Cyuzuzo, Jan Fedinger, Dries Douibi

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