Carte BlancheFrédérick Gravel

But Then, We´ll Disappear (I´d Prefer Not To), 16. - 19. September 2021

But Then, We´ll Disappear (I´d Prefer Not To),
16. - 19. September 2021

A Choreographed concert.

  • Duration75 min
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 16. September - 19:00
  • 17. September - 19:00
  • 18. September - 19:00
  • 19. September - 19:00

Canadian Frédérick Gravel is known for turning the structures of choreography upside down and often includes elements of rock and performance art in his expression. His background is from the vibrant arts community in Montreal, and he has established himself as one of the foremost exponents of the new, Canadian dance art.

For Gravel, the performance is only first created in the meeting between people. The stage becomes an arena for an artistic and social experiment where characters are built and erased in a battle against their own patterns. This resistance is at once both tragic and beautiful.

‘I view a choreographic idea as a melody, and my works can be compared to making a concert. I make music by the aid of dance. One might say that I compose lines that the dancers perform with their own voice, in their own key,’ he says.

Behind the title But Then, We’ll Disappear (I’d Prefer Not To) lies a hidden a desire to emphasize the individual’s role in a world full of contradictions where guilt and celebration are two sides of the same coin, in hopes that everything has a plan.

Background material

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    I takt med musikken

    I But Then, We´ll Disappear (I´d Prefer Not To) inviterer koreograf Frédérick Gravel i samarbeid med Carte Blanche til en ærbødig, tidløs, musikalsk og poetisk forestilling.


  • Choreography and light design

    Frédérick Gravel

  • Music

    Philippe Brault

  • Costume design

    Indrani Balgobin

  • Assistant choregrapher

    Jamie Wright

  • Dancers

    Ole Martin Meland
    Mathias Stoltenberg
    Caroline Eckly
    Adrian Bartczak
    Dawid Lorenc
    Max Makowski
    Aslak Aune Nygård
    Nadege Kubwayo
    Timothy Bartlett
    Anne Lise Rønne
    Vilja Kwasny
    Lin Van Kaam
    Daniel Mariblanca

  • Original music

    Frédérick Gravel

  • Photo

    Thor Brødreskift

  • Video

    David Alræk

A co-production with Bergen International Festival 2021.
The performance is part of Ultima - Oslo Contemporary Music Festival.