Roza Moshtaghi

Bouncing Narratives, 12. - 13. June 2021

Bouncing Narratives,
12. - 13. June 2021

  • Duration60 min
  • Price100
  • StageExternal

Dates & times

  • 12. June - 17:00
  • 12. June - 19:00
  • 13. June - 17:00
  • 13. June - 19:00

Bouncing Narratives is a performance installation involving a container with a trampoline roof. The audience is invited to watch the performance from below - from inside the container - or from outside - in the urban landscape.

Bouncing Narratives is a playful jumble of images, sounds and movements which balance on a fine line between pure joy and narratives of trauma. Its starting point are traumas which cannot be expressed in words, and unintentional and repeated jumps back through our lives. A minimalist and repetitive expression, jumps and shifts, creates subtleties of rhythms and tempos which drive the installation to a trance-like intensity.

NB! Performed at Nedre Foss – just over the river from Dansens Hus.

Background material


  • Concept and choreography

    Roza Moshtaghi

  • Artist/concept

    Shahrzad Malekian

  • Light design/Poster

    Lykourgos Porfyris

  • Performers

    Gerd Kaisa Vorren
    Trine Lise Moe

  • Scenography assistant and technical adviser

    Carl Nilssen-Love

  • Costume design

    Shiva Sherveh

  • Light design

    Martin Myrvold

  • Producer

    Julie Olsen

  • Documentation

    Josh Lake
    Ben Pender

  • Outer eye

    Kristin Ryg Helgebostad

  • Photo

    Josh Lake