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Be-longing, 24. - 27. November 2016

24. - 27. November 2016

Is it acceptable to find a place where you feel you belong? Is it possible to dance the concept of ‘belonging’? Can it have a language? The answer is yes.

  • Duration55 min
  • PriceNOK 175 - 290
  • StageStudio stage

Dates & times

  • 24. November - 19:00
  • 25. November - 19:00
  • 26. November - 19:00
  • 27. November - 16:00
  • 27. November - 19:00


To be

To long

To belong

Not too long

But long enough

In four sessions since the start of 2015, Ulf Nilseng and his partners have been exploring the concept of ‘belonging’. Nilseng has been joined by the actor Huy Le Vo, musician and composer Sjur Miljeteig, visual artist Kai Rennes and lighting designer Magnus Mikaelsen.

Ulf Nilseng and this team take the production in a new direction. After many years with TOYBOYS, it’s time to change course and find a different way of looking at his expression, at the concept of dance. With his long experience as a performer and dancing choreographer, Nilsen creates space in this production for his partners to participate in the creation of a production which dives straight into the existential. Be-longing is a simple, direct and personal production. It is serious now. 

Its audience capacity is only 55 per performance.


  • Performers

    Ulf Nilseng
    Huy Le Vo

  • Musician and composer

    Sjur Miljeteig

  • Video and scenography

    Kai Rennes/Sabina Jacobsson/Corentin JPM Leven

  • Lighting designer

    Magnus Mikaelsen

  • Photos from performance

    Kim Sølve / Trine + Kim designstudio

  • Producer

    Svante Aulis Löwenborg