Ballroom& Voguing

Panel talk, 28. February 2021

Panel talk,
28. February 2021

Dansens Hus Oslo & Cassandra Moldenhauer present a panel talk about Ballroom and voguing.

  • Duration120 min
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  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 28. February - 14:00

28th of February marks 1 year since The Duality Kiki Ball was presented by Dansens Hus Oslo and Mother Cassandra Meraki. As we cannot gather for a ball this year, we will have a panel talk and premiere a short film with some lovely people of the Oslo ballroom community produced by Antero Hein.

The panel talk will be about the ballroom scene and how we can make sure it grows and expands in a way that keeps it safe and inclusive to the communities it was made by and for. This conversation will be of interest to the members of the ballroom community, BIPOCS, LGBTQ+-persons as well as others who want to learn more about allyship, privilege and building a safer space for their communities.

The panel talk will happen in English.

-Differences in the ballroom scene between the European countries.
-Learning processes and experiences from building and growing the ballroom scene from the panel.
-How to be a good ally and how to not be performative in your allyship?
-What is privilege, when to use it and when to step back?

International Mother Gorgeous Keehdi Gucci (France) – he/him & she/her
European Mother Georgina Leo Saint Laurent, German Pioneer (Germany) – she/her
Gorgeous Habibitch Gucci, Godmother Paris chapter (France/Algeria) – she/they
Samara Revlon (Denmark/Egypt) – she/her

Grace Tabea Tenga - she/her

The panel talk will be streamed on Dansens Hus Oslo´s Facebook page. The stream is open for everyone to watch, it’s free and requires no registration!


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