Ahg Dansens Hus 12


Av historisk grunn, 13. - 16. October 2016

Av historisk grunn,
13. - 16. October 2016

Av historisk grunn is a production about a potential Norwegian dance history that might have been, and choreographic works that might have been created.

  • Duration50 min
  • PriceNOK 70
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 13. October - 19:00
  • 14. October - 19:00
  • 15. October - 19:00
  • 15. October - 21:00
  • 16. October - 19:00
  • 16. October - 21:00

Most works of art never see the light of day. The world is full of things that never became anything. Visions that were never achieved, expectations that were never fulfilled, and ideas that no one ever thought of. They whirl around, waiting to be picked up and turned into reality. Like little black holes, they fly around outside our collective consciousness. 

Av historisk grunn started as an archaeological excavation of Norwegian dance history outside the main entrance of Dansens Hus during the 2011 CODA Festival, by Ingeleiv Berstad, Kristin Ryg Helgebostad and Eivind Seljeseth, who at the time were choreography students at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The project then developed into an exploration of potential dance history, a performance of the dance art that never was. The project has been presented in a reflecting mirror tent outside the main entrances of 15 new cultural centres all over Norway. Like a temporary, soft and reflecting cultural centre, it has borrowed the façades and locations of established iconic buildings. The thin walls in this small, nomadic icon constantly leak sound, smoke and even people out into the urban space, like a performing structure in itself. Inside, it is packed full of ideas that swirl and disappear. The dancers’ aim is to use the production to create a dialogue with the ideas, not to obliterate or forget them, but to visit them in the sphere of potentiality. 

Now the project has returned to Dansens Hus. This time, its location is the stage, where it reflects the interior of the theatre and the project’s own history. Bringing the production indoors enables it to take on a new form, allowing it to use the institutional apparatus to expand and spread out onto the main stage. Joining Berstad, Helgebostad and Seljeseth on their team are four dancers from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and its new Master’s degree in dance: Marie Ronold Mathisen, Julie Mjøen, Åse Marie Rannestad and Mina Hattestad Weider. 

To capture their potential dance history, Ingeleiv, Kristin and Eivind interviewed almost two dozen Norwegian choreographers about projects that had either been planned or conceived, but which for various reasons ended up on the shelf. In ‘Av historisk grunn’, they examine these potential works and create a new and independent production. 

The choreographers who were interviewed and contributed with unrealised projects are: Jo Strømgren, UnMagritt Nordseth, Hooman Sharifi, Øyvind Jørgensen, Ingri Fiksdal, Brynjar Bandlien, Henriette Pedersen, Sara Christoffersen, Helle Siljeholm, Fransesco Scavetta, Terje Mossige, Mia Habib, Erlend Samnøen, Karstein Solli, Lise Nordahl, Ketil Skøien, Kristina Gjems, Jane Hveding, Ingunn Rimestad, Anne Grete Eriksen, Amanda Steggell and Karen Foss.


  • Concept, choreography and performers

    Ingeleiv Berstad
    Kristin Helgebostad
    Eivind Seljeseth

  • Contributing performers

    Marie Ronold Mathisen
    Julie Mjøen
    Åse Marie Rannestad
    Mina Hattestad Weider

  • Foto

    Simen Dieserud Thornquist