Caroline EcklyMarcelo Evelin

and yes I said yes I will yes, 18. - 19. September 2021

and yes I said yes I will yes,
18. - 19. September 2021

The body as a metaphor and medium.

  • Duration55 min
  • Price155 - 320
  • StageStudio stage

Dates & times

  • 18. September - 15:00
  • 19. September - 15:00

In collaboration with the well-known Brazilian choreographer Marcelo Evelin, Caroline Eckly welcomes the audience to a ceremonial experience, in which the dancer’s body, as the material and medium, becomes a narrative in itself. Sitting in a circle, the audience looks upon the body as a metaphor for various female figures.

The piece is partly inspired by the myth of Medusa, a woman who was turned into a monster in punishment for having been raped. Her gaze could kill. Eckly and Evelin base their production around this gaze; in the eyes which act as a mirror to reflect the violence of the world, and which also accept and absorb the gaze of others. They call up an image of the oracle: An oracle which transmits, invokes, which takes the place of God or the Word, which opens doors that have been closed, which possesses ancient and occult forces.

The French Caroline Eckly has been working as a dancer in Carte Blanche for the last 12 years, and in her 23-year career, has collaborated with many of the world’s leading choreographers.

The Brazilian Marcelo Evelin, with his strong relation to the culture of the the indigenous population of the Amazon, has worked as a choreographer across much of the world, not only as a dance artist, but also with physical theatre, music, installation, video and site-specific productions. The collaboration between Eckly and Evelin started when Evelin created the production The Who of Things for Carte Blanche in 2016.

- Your continent is dark. Dark is dangerous. You can’t see anything in the dark, you’re afraid. Don’t move, you might fall. Most of all, don’t go into the forest. And so we have internalised this horror of the dark. They had no eyes with which to see. They did not explore their own house. Their gender still scares them. Their body was colonised, and they dared not come. Women are afraid and feel a loathing of women... We were trapped between two terrible myths: Between Medusa and the abyss. Half the world would be laughing hysterically, except that this is still going on.
Hélène Cixous, The laugh of the Medusa

Background material

  • CAROLINE ECKLY Foto Tale Hendnes 2020 11 copy

    Kvinnen som metafor

    I møtet mellom dansekunstner Caroline Eckly og koreograf Marcelo Evelin undersøkes kvinnen sett med ulike linser og fra ulike perspektiver.


  • Concept

    Caroline Eckly
    Marcelo Evelin

  • Choreography

    Marcelo Evelin

  • Dance

    Caroline Eckly

  • Music

    Kota Yamauchi

  • Light

    Robert Roespel

  • Photo

    Tale Hendnes
    Andrea Spreafico

Produced by: Spreafico Eckly, demolition Incorporada.
Co-production: BIT-Teatergarasjen Bergen, Carte Blanche, Rosendal teater Trondheim.
Supported by: Bergen Kommune, the Scandinavia-Japan-Sasakawa-Foundation, Fond for utøvende kunstnere.