Workshop: Janne-Camilla Lyster x PRODA

A M Bacon Manual of Gesture Chicago S C Griggs 1875

Library of gestures: an insight into method and process

In this workshop, participants will gain an insight into choreographic methods related to the Library of gestures project. The project is informed by the book Manual of gesture published in 1875 by Albert M. Bacon, as well as "movement choirs" in early 20th century European choreography, compositional techniques in percussion, and how movements between different art forms can produce new formats and insights. Participants will learn how we have built a choreographic syntax through gestures, and try out compositional exercises that combine poetry and rhythm.

Where: PRODA Profesjonell dansetrening – Marstrand gata 8. 0566 Oslo.
When: Friday 23.02.24
Time 10:00-12:00
For whom: Professional dance artists
The workshop is free of charge.

Janne-Camilla Lyster is a choreographer, dancer and writer. She created a several performances, shown at venues such as Dansens Hus, Black Box Teater, The Norwegian Opera & Ballet and The Norwegian Theatre, as well as internationally. As a dancer, she is currently working on a new work by American choreographer Deborah Hay. As a choreographer, she is interested in how choreography can be shaped through poetry and compositional scores. In her PhD project at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Choregraphic Poetry (2019), she developed literary scores for dance.