Dansens Hus invites performers and creators within the dance and performing arts field to participate in a three-part seminar on different forms of dramaturgical thinking. Over the course of three weekends, three dramaturgs who operate actively in dance works will present their interests and methodological approaches within dance dramaturgy. In addition, they will visit selected dance artists in the studio, to put their thoughts and own practice in context with the dancers' projects and works.

Tegnebrett 1

We work with the material that resists us
by Bojana Cvejić

30. September.+ 1. October

Dance dramaturgy, as I practice it, begins in the studio, in a working situation where ‘material’ generates a creative process, and the moment is pregnant with potentiality and expectation for all involved. What does the material want from me? How to gauge its mode of action, context and historical present? How to train sensitivity to the questions of access and belonging to ‘materials’?

While anything can qualify for material, and a wide variety of approaches and practices have been registered, we can be precise about how material takes precedence in a creation. Therefore, chapter 1 will focus on ‘material’ and its modes action and resistance in a twofold structure. The first part will begin with a presentation of questions and problems raised run through several cases of choreographic and performance processes that the dramaturg investigated or took part in, followed by a dialogue with another dramaturg and all participants. The second part will be a working session with all participants around scores and tasks engaging their own practices.

Set up:

DAY 1 – SEMINAR – lecture, conversations and workshop at Dansens Hus – 10:00-16:00:
Bojana Cvejić will be in conversation with dancemaker and associate professor Snelle Hall.

To register your participation, send an e-mail to billettsalg@dansenshus.com. Mark the email with: Dramaturgy seminar 1, 2 or 3. (or all). The invitation to take part in the seminar extends to all who are interested in exploring dramaturgy as it relates to their own work. The admission is free, but please, sign up for the program.

Bojana Cvejić is a dramaturg and researcher, and her writing, performances and videos interweave performance matters and critical theory. Since 2000, she has collaborated with a wide array of choreographers and theatermakers and has contributed to self-organized experimental platforms for education and production (TkH and PAF) in Europe. Bojana is author of Choreographing Problems (2015) and Toward a Transindividual Self (co-written with A. Vujanović 2022) among many books and teaches at KHiO (Oslo).

Snelle Ingrid Hall, dance artist, theater scholar, associate professor. Has worked as a dance artist for more than 30 years, primarily in the free dance field, and especially through the constellation Siri&Snelle. Has worked for many years as a teacher of dance composition and dance theory, also worked as a writer and dramaturg/eye from the outside. Currently dean of the Dance department, Oslo Academy of the Arts.

DAY 2 – PRACTICUM is reserved for studio visits with 3 dance artists:

In the second part of each chapter, we offer anyone who is currently in the process of creation, or planning one, and would like to engage in a conversation with the dramaturg, to book a studio visit. The dramaturg will engage with the artist around a concrete piece of work, material or project that the artist is working on. The session will last around one hour, and will take place in the studio or in another space, depending on whether it is a rehearsal or a conversation. You can meet the dramaturge in a studio at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) if you do not have the opportunity or desire to be in your own studio. Please specify in the registration e-mail.

1: Sunday October 1, with Bojana Cvejić

2: Sunday November 12 with Jeroen Peeters

3: Sunday December 10 with Deise Nunes

Please, note that this offer is limited to three studio visits in a day. The applications will be selected on the first come, first served basis. If you are interested, please, book early!

To book a visit from a dramaturg, send an e-mail to billettsalg@dansenshus.com. Mark the e-mail with:
Dramaturgy seminar PRACTICUM 1, 2 or 3.

About the seminar:

Over the past two decades, various experimental practices in the field of theater, dance, performance art, and choreographic exhibition in a global context have converged on dramaturgy, an investigation of the interests and questions, capacities and working cultures and politics involved in the creation of a performance. This seminar will offer an encounter with an invited practicing dramaturg at work. Each part – or chapter – is comprised of two days: Day 1 is an open lecture at Dansens Hus, led by the invited speaker who, in dialogue with another dramaturg, will explore their current preoccupations in dramaturgy with regard to creation in dance and performance. Day 2 the invited speaker will visit dance artists currently working in Oslo and engages in a conversation around their work in a studio.

The seminar series is curated by Bojana Cvejić (SRB/BE/NO), freelance dramaturg and Professor of Dance Theory (KHiO), whose work also includes self-organizing collective platforms of self-education and experimental production. In addition to Cvejić, the series will feature as main speakers Deise Faria Nunes (BR/NO), researcher, writer and dramaturg, and Jeroen Peeters (BE), writer, dramaturge and performer active in the field of contemporary dance across Europe.

The invitation to take part in the seminar extends to all who are interested in exploring dramaturgy as it relates to their own work. The admission is free, but please, sign up for the program.

Other dates:

CHAPTER II: 11. + 12. November
Main speaker: Jeroen Peeters

CHAPTER III: 09. + 10. December
Main speaker: Deise Faria Nunes
Co-speakers: Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor and Phyllis Akinyi