Om koreografen - Bára Sigfúsdóttir

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The Icelandic choreographer Bára Sigfúsdottír (1984) has studied contemporary dance at the Icelandic Academy of Arts, at the Amsterdam School of the Arts and finally at P.A.R.T.S under Anna Theresa de Keersmaeker in Brussels, where she focused on dance fitness and research into movement and choreography. Bára represents a unique style of exploration and composition of movement which is both articulate and expressive, musical and distinctive. The need to communicate with the audience gives her a potential to create unique movement material which is developed through improvisation processes. This makes Bára unique in the field of dance, in which recycled material is often used. In the last few years, she has focused on works which isolate small parts of the body by using a range of rhythmic patterns and layered material which is in constant change. Her works lie in the movement between clarity and ambiguity. Her dance is highly visual and provokes the imagination. While constantly raising her international profile in contemporary dance, she creates productions which are accessible to a widely varying audience. Her solo productions have been formed on a number of national and international stages and festivals, including the Reykjavik Dance Festival (2013), ICE HOT Oslo (2014), Performatik in Belgium (2015), Theaterfestival in Belgium (2015), Moving Futures in the Netherlands(2015) and Theater An Zee in Belgium (2015). As a performer she has worked for companies including the Oran Oran Dance Company, Compagnie 3637, Miet Warloo, Quan Bul Ngoc, Iris Bouch & Kobe Presmans, Aéla Labbe and Janne-Camilla Lyster. She is affiliated with the choreographic platform GRIP in Belgium, which was started by artists including Jan Martens, who we will be seeing this spring with the production Rules of Three at Dansens Hus.

Tide, 07. - 10. February 2019