to come (extended), 26.–28. January

Where are the broders between the private and public in our sexualized world?

Rosa löften, 10.–11. February

"Swedish dansband" meets contemporary dance.

Dance To Dance To, 10.–11. February

What if disco was ballet?

Dark Field Analysis, 16.–18. February

The red thread is blood.

Splendour, 16.–18. February

Movement is the origin of sound, not the oposite.

A tribute to Trisha Brown, 9.–10. March

Dansens Hus proudly presents five of Trisha Brown´s most significant choreographies. 

Rosas danst Rosas, 20.–22. April

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Rosas are back at Dansens Hus. This time with legendary Rosas danst Rosas.

Electric Company Theatre/ Kidd Pivot, 29.–30. May

This creation by two of Canada’s most celebrated companies is an innovative, boundary-stretching hybrid of theatre and dance.

Inoah, 8.–9. June

Dance crossing the borders between hiphop, breakdance and contemporary dance.

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