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Workshop med Jan Martens

Vi inviterer til workshop med Jan Martens

Ruleofthreephile Deprez 3
Jan Martens - Rule of Three - Foto: Phile Deprez

Dato/klokkeslett: Lørdag 16.februar 13.00-15.00
Påmelding: billettsalg@dansenshus.com
Frist for påmelding: Fredag 15.februar kl.17.00
Pris: Gratis, men man må ha billett til forestillingen Rule of Three
Hvor: Hovedscenen på Dansens Hus
Navn på workshopholder: Jan Martens
Hvem er workshopholderen: Koreograf
For hvem: Profesjonelle dansere og avgangselever
Max antall deltagere: 20
Info til deltagere: Kom ferdig oppvarmet, garderober ikke tilgjengelig

The choreographic principles of RULE OF THREE
Jan Martens will give a workshop which takes the choreographic principles from the performance as a foundation. The performance takes as its starting point our ability to zap in a flash from one impression to another. A sequence of scenes echoes the fragmentary experience of reality that is the consequence of this overload of stimuli. To emphasize the fragmentation, Jan Martens started - in contrast to what he did in previous works - with a multitude of different choreographic languages, in which the performers had to switch very quickly and often in their dance approaches.
The workshop is set to the original music from the production by the American producer and drummer NAH who mixes live and programmed drums with found sounds and manipulated samples.

Jan Martens studied at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg and graduated in 2006 at the Dance faculty of the Artesis Royal Conservatory in Antwerp. Since 2010, he has designed his own choreographic work that has been performed increasingly over the years for national and international audiences. Jan Martens' work is fed by the conviction that any body can communicate, that every body has something to say.
This direct communication translates into transparent forms. His work is a free space where the notion of time is felt anew and where there is room for both observation, emotion and reflection. In order to achieve that, he does not create a self-propelled dance language, but he re-uses existing idioms in a different context so that new ideas emerge. His latest work, PASSING THE BECHDEL TEST, premiered at STUK on Nov 6th, 2018. For this theatrical production he worked together with 13 youths and fABULEUS to create a piece in which the voices of the youths are interwoven with those of famous and less famous women from the present and the past. In 2014 Jan Martens, with manager Klaartje Oerlemans, founded the choreographic platform GRIP in Antwerp/Rotterdam, from which they produce and distribute work together

Rule of Three vises på Dansens Hus 15., 16., og 17. februar.

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Rule of Three, 15.–17. februar 2019

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