Vi har gleden av å invitere til en workshop med en av danserne i Damaged Goods, Maria F. Scaroni. Workshopen er gratis, men man må ha billett til forestillingen for å delta. Max 20 deltakere etter først til møllla-prinsippet. Påmelding til Workshopen varer til 16.00.
Her er en presentasjon av tankene bak workshopen av Maria F. Scaroni: 


This laboratory suits anybody who is interested in the body as a site of knowledge, as a forest of symbols or simply as a phenomenon to be felt, visually, kinesthetically and verbally. A certain stamina is required, but no specific skill, therefore is open to any moving body.

The body work I facilitate invites the participants to look and treat the body as material, addressing its organic functions and spiritual potential as well as its cultural implications. The nature of the approach is eclectic and sources from ‘chi’ cultivation techniques such as Qi Gong and Pranayama (breathing techniques), spine and limbs patterns explorations (body connectivity, proprioceptive systems),  hands-on work (experimental body-alchemy teaching from Sara Shelton Mann) and elements of improvisation to transmute through different states. I use journeys and extended duration (either literal trance exercises drawn from dynamic meditation practices or shamanic journeys using visualization and movement) to flirt with the notion of ritual and personal/collective transformation, relying on trance and exertion, boredom and contemplation as tactics. The goal is to come to an understanding or to a state of questioning of the body’s borders, acknowledging it as multiple and idiosyncratic: codified, yet desirous of ecstasy and play, and seeking grounding and tenderness.

Until our hearts stop, 10.–12. mars 2017

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