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Seminar: Unveiling the dark corners

Seminar på Black Box teater med Giséle Vienne, Bernard Rimé og Iggy Malmborg. Moderator: Per Ananiassen.

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Art as a space for unwrapping inappropriate thoughts, violence, fantasies and extreme emotions.

In a period when moralizing perspectives and puritanism are growing, when works that belong to art history are suddenly considered problematic by some (thinking about Egon Schiele, Robert Balthus etc), we wish to reflect upon the need to claim – and reclaim – the possibility that artistic expression can unveil the dark corners of the human psyche and society. This seminar aims to investigate the representation and function of taboos, black holes, fantasies and violence in art.

How do contradictory emotions such as joy, jubilation and repulsion circulate and co-exist? When artists unwrap inappropriate thoughts, is this a way to embrace the various facets of humankind? When they investigate the dark corners, is it a cathartic and/or therapeutic act, as if to cleanse?

After an introductory lecture by Bernard Rimé on the social sharing of emotions, Gisèle Vienne and Iggy Lond Malmborg will contribute their views on these questions insofar as they relate to their own artistic practice. The lectures will be followed by a panel discussion.

Bernard Rimé holds a doctoral degree in psychology and is Emeritus and Visiting Professor at the University of Louvain at Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. His research in social psychology focuses on the study of emotions and social behavior. He investigates how emotional experiences and emotional events impact upon interpersonal relations and collective processes.

Moderator: Per Ananiassen

Location: Black Box teater, Foyer

Tentative schedule:
13:00: Lecture Bernard Rimé / The social sharing of emotions (30 min)
13:30: Lecture Gisèle Vienne (30 min)
14:00: Lecture Iggy Malmborg (30 min)
14:30-14:45: break
14:45-15:30: Discussion with Bernard Rimé, Gisèle Vienne and Iggy Malmborg
15:30-16:00: Questions

Crowd, 15.–16. mars 2019

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