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Karmaklubb* is a nomadic queer club concept and discursive platform. A space for meeting amazing people, 'high quality clubbing' and exploring tastes. Apart from club nights the program consists of open conversations, curatorial work, screenings, artist talks, concerts, performance, wine tastings and sometimes food. Karmaklubb* have also launched its own ale and a publishing house – the IGWTLI publishing. Thought and pleasure across categories.

Saturday November 9th

16:00 – 19:30 pm

Part 2: “The cultural canons (and the gaps within)”

- A look at which bodies are being represented today, as well as a historical perspective of representation within cultural canons (visual arts, literature, moving image), and historical archives. And more importantly: Strategies towards shifting the balance


Tony Cokes (us)

Nina Schjønsby (no)

Djibrill Sall (us/de)

Tyler Matthew Oyer (us)

Anna Fredrikke Bjerke (no)

Antonio Cataldo (it)

Curator, writer and producer based in Oslo. Currently artistic director at Fotogalleriet. Formerly employed at OCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway, where he produced and managed exhibitions and discursive programs. In 2015 he was the co-curator (together with Katya García-Antón) of Camille Norment “Rapture” in the Nordic pavilion at the Venice Biennial

Dr. Natalie Hope O’Donnell (no)
Senior curator of contemporary art at the Munch Museum and the four-year off-site program “Munch on the Move”; holds an interest in curating as a spatial process, queer performative practices, and the exhibition as an historical and cultural context

Sonia Fernández Pan (es)
Independent curator, writer, techno dancer and researcher; currently resides in Berlin, where she hopes that one day techno culture and feminist utopia will meet and last forever

Eva Rowson (uk)
Artist, curator, producer and cocktail maker based in London; invested in collaboration; running the “Golden Jar” in Bergen, set to support young fems, non-binary performers and artist of various kinds

Tony Cokes (us)
Video artist, working in the US and internationally for three decades; invested in racial issues, mass media and pop culture, focusing on sampling of archival and found material

Nina Schjønsby (no)
Art historian, writer and editor – org. Tekstbyrået. Currently researching archival material and the activist potential of self-publication, creating micro communities. In particular looking at feminist journals and magazines, with “Forloren Skidpadde” as starting point

Djibrill Sall (us/de)
Dancer and writer based in Berlin. Concerned with thinking “how thinking utopias and self-expression” – non-linear strategies

Tyler Matthew Oyer (us)
Performance artist, writer, musician and Dj. Invested in inheritance and imitation as queer modes of identification, social critique and imagining new futures that do not adhere to heteronormative, capitalist ideologies.

Anna Fredrikke Bjerke (no)
Director and filmmaker dedicated to advocacy for equal rights, holding a master’s thesis on queer representation on/behind the 'moving image'

Kjønn i forandring - del 2: Kulturelle kanoner (og deres hulrom) - En diskursiv aften rundt representasjon i de kulturelle kanoner, og hvordan bidra til å gjøre noe med skeivhetene.
16.00 - 19.00

Del 1:

Antonio Cataldo (moderator)

Natalie Hope O´Donell

Sonia Fernández Pan

Eva Rowson

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