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Karmaklubb* is a nomadic queer club concept and discursive platform. A space for meeting amazing people, 'high quality clubbing' and exploring tastes. Apart from club nights the program consists of open conversations, curatorial work, screenings, artist talks, concerts, performance, wine tastings and sometimes food. Karmaklubb* have also launched its own ale and a publishing house – the IGWTLI publishing. Thought and pleasure across categories

Friday November 8th

5:00 to 7:30 p.m.

Part 1: “Radical Movement”

- The politics of the body in motion; challenging representation through physical performance, 'dance' and movement in an extended form. This conversation will also discuss the potential for 'hybrid spaces', including clubbing and other safe spaces


- Antonio Cataldo (IT/NO, mod.)

- Sonia Fernández Pan (ES)

- Duduzile Ginger Mathonsi (ZA)

- Michelangelo Miccolis (MX/IT)

- Dr. Natalie Tominga Hope O’Donnell (NO)

- Resis'Dance

- Eva Rowson (UK)

Adjustment may occur. Please also note that times are approximate.



4:00 to 7:30 p.m.

Part 2: “The cultural canons (and the gaps within)”

- A look at which bodies are being represented today, as well as a historical perspective of representation within cultural canons (visual arts, literature, moving image), and historical archives. And more importantly: Strategies towards shifting the balance


- Anna Fredrikke Bjerke (NO)

- Tony Cokes (US)

- Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA): 'Imaginary Leaps into a Decanonized Future' w/ written contribution by Quinn Latimer (US) & Cecilia Vicuña (CN)

- Tyler Matthew Oyer (US)

- Djibril Sall (SN/US/DE)

- Nina Schjønsby (NO)

- Grace Tabea Tenga (NO)

Adjustment may occur. Please also note that times are approximate.

Anna Fredrikke Bjerke (NO)
Director and filmmaker dedicated to advocacy for equal rights, holding a master’s thesis on queer representation on/behind the 'moving image'
Talk: "Queering the script"

Antonio Cataldo (IT/NO)
Curator, writer, and producer based in Oslo. Currently artistic director at Fotogalleriet. Formerly employed at Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA), where he produced and managed exhibitions and discursive programs. In 2015 he was the co-curator (together with Katya García-Antón) of Camille Norment's “Rapture” in the Nordic pavilion at the La Biennale di Venezia

Tony Cokes (US)
Internationally renowned video artist, working in the US and internationally for three decades; invested in racial issues, mass media, and pop culture, focusing on sampling of archival and found material
Talk (online): "Discographies" / Screening: '1!' (excerpt)

Sonia Fernández Pan (ES)
Independent curator, writer, techno dancer, and researcher; currently resides in Berlin, where she hopes that one day techno culture and feminist utopia will meet and last forever.
Talk: "We don't stop together #3", w/ Eva Rowson

Duduzile Ginger Mathonsi (ZA)
Mathonsi is an African multifaceted artist based in Norway. She is an actress, writer, poet, voice, and performance artist. Her background is in TV, radio as a presenter, producer and journalist. She has a diploma in Language practice and recently graduated as the first black woman at the Norwegian Theatre Academy with a BA in Acting. Her recent works are playing Maya Angelo in the play 'Black women rising' and of her solo performance 'Bitch where the fuck is my manifesto', which is on the narratives of the black female body

Talk: "Can movement and voice contribute to representation and lack thereof?"

Michelangelo Miccolis (MX/IT)
—presented in collaboration with osloBIENNALEN

Miccolis (b. 1981, Mexico) is a visual arts performer and producer. Since 2017, he has been acting performance programmer of 'IMMATERIAL' at Material Art Fair in Mexico City, as well as guest curator for Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich. Since 2005, he has worked internationally on projects by renowned artists and institutions such as Tino Sehgal, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, the Venice Biennale, Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, Tate Modern, Palais de Tokyo, Museo Reina Sofía, Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, and many more. His 'WHO CARES: Notes on how to address an audience—a performance journal, 1992–2017' is produced by osloBIENNALEN FIRST EDITION 2019–2024 and part of Miccolis' ongoing public outreach project 'IN PUBLIC—a living proposal' and presented in collaboration with Karmaklubb* between 18–26 October 2019. More info TBA.

Dr. Natalie Tominga Hope O’Donnell (NO)
Senior curator of contemporary art at the Munch Museum and the four-year off-site program “Munch on the Move”; holds an interest in curating as a spatial process, queer performative practices, and the exhibition as an historical and cultural context
Talk: "Queer bodies in public spaces"

Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA):

'Imaginary Leaps into a Decanonized Future'

OCA is a non-profit foundation created by the Norwegian Ministries of Culture and of Foreign Affairs in 2001. Its principle aim is to foster dialogue between art practitioners in Norway and Sápmi, and the international arts scene, and support their activities around the world. 'Imaginary Leaps into a Decanonized Future (ILDF)' is a discursive and performative gathering which uses the epistolary format as a way to pursue OCA's on-going research into artistic canons and what the world might look like without them. The discussion takes place in three parts: a preface moment during which letter exchanges flowed between some of the participants; a gathering at Ingensteds on 28 September 2019 which brought together 15 international and Norway-based peers in a public event; and a post script phase that is currently ongoing. Karmaklubb* has has invited OCA to share some key perspectives in decanonical thinking arising from 'ILDF' in the occasion of the fifth part of 'Talks & screenings' at 'Shine Utopians'. This will take place as an excerpt of our gathering, in the form of the letter exchange between two of its participants, Quinn Latimer and Cecilia Vicuña. Their words speak eloquently of how letters de-orient the mode of presentation through a dialogical act of exchange. As late Chicana scholar Gloria Anzaldúa comments, letters give us ‘a more intimate and immediate feel’, and distance us from the ‘wooden, cold’ voice that if often the backbone of canonical discourse.

Title of contribution: "Imaginary Leaps into a Decanonized Future. An excerpt. A letter exchange between Quinn Latimer and Cecilia Vicuña"

Tyler Matthew Oyer (US)
Performance artist, writer, musician, and DJ. Invested in inheritance and imitation as queer modes of identification, social critique and imagining new futures that do not adhere to heteronormative, capitalist ideologies

Resis'Dance (UK)
A London-based collective, advocating for safe spaces, visibility for fems and non-binary DJs challenging gender norms in the music scene. Together with other collectives in London they have been driving forward the idea of safer party spaces. Present today is Phoebe Apollo

Eva Rowson (UK)
Artist, curator, producer and cocktail maker based in London; invested in collaboration; running the “Golden Jar” in Bergen, set to support young fems, non-binary performers and artist of various kinds
Talk: "We don't stop together #3", w/ Sonia Fernández Pan

Djibril Sall (SN/US/DE)
Performer, choreographer, and writer based in Berlin. Originally born in Dakar, Senegal and emigrating to Memphis, TN at a young age, their work is informed by their early life as a first generation queer migrant and their experience with adolescent cancer. Concerned with how to think utopia and self-expression; how to get there rather than what it is, as well as non-linear strategies challenging the established
Talk: "Practicing utopia"

Nina Schjønsby (NO)
Art historian, writer, editor, and organizer at Tekstbyrået. Currently researching archival material and the activist potential of self-publication, creating micro communities. In particular looking at feminist journals and magazines, with 'Forloren Skidpadde' as starting point
Talk: "Blue letters and a mock turtle"

Grace Tabea Tenga (NO)
Psychology student, African-aesthetic dancer, performance art critic, and Panafrican and Feminist activist)
Full program TBA shortly.


Karmaklubb* is a nomadic queer club concept and discursive platform. A space for meeting amazing people, 'high quality clubbing', exploring taste. Celebrations of good things. Apart from club evenings and nights the programme consists of open conversations, curatorial work, screenings, artist talks, panels, concerts, performance, wine tastings, and sometimes food. Karmaklubb* has also launched its own ale, and a publishing house, the IGWTLI publishing. Thought & pleasure across categories. One of the larger projects within the Karmaklubb*-frame is the 'Talks & screenings (on various forms of queerness)'—a series of discursive events established fall 2018, proudly giving space to international artists, curators, institutions, musicians, writers, scholars, and others representing an important voice. This edition of the seminar is pulling the threads from the March-edition and digging into how the "club potential" and hybrid spaces can break down boundaries and act cross categorical thinking, and part of Karmaklubbs ongoing discursive programme. Thought and pleasure across categories.

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Karmaklubb* 25, Ingensteds. Drawing by (always) Karma*-knight Constance Tenvik. Neon by Naughtyneon.no. Photo: Paulina Tamara / Karmaklubb 2019.

Shine Utopians, 7.–10. november 2019

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