Hva leter du etter?

The countryside, France: Fog, love and ghosts

Choreographer Christian Rizzo would have been in Oslo with his performance une maison which due to the situation had to be cancelled. What is he doing now?

Img 5635

Where are you now, and what is your status quo?
In the middle of the countryside, working and trying to cope with the frozen situation

If you are in quarantine, what routines have you made for yourself?
Calling eveyday people I love.

What do you read?
Too much bad news emails and making by Tim Ingold

What are you watching?
the space between my back and a mountain

What are you listening to?
the gap between my breathing and the song of the blackbird

How do you move?
Step by step

What inspires you?
fog, love and ghosts

If you could send a message that would reach everyone, worldwide what would it be?
how soon is now?

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