ICE HOT 2024 is here!

The biggest project for Dansens Hus ever starts this week, from Wednesday to Sunday.


    International network meeting
    With 21 performances from all over the Nordics, 18 artist presentations, seminars, networking events and social offers for 300 international delegates and 150 artists, this is a massive event that we are very proud to welcome.

    Simply put, you can say that this is an industry meeting for organizers and programmers in the dance field from all over the world. The objective is to promote the Nordic art of dance to this target group. During ICE HOT Oslo 14 to 18 February, the participants get a unique insight into the Nordic dance art here and now, especially through performances, but also through a rich additional program.

    Open events
    A number of seminars, workshops and other events are organized which are open to all interested parties. Dansens Hus and Vega Stage are the social meeting points during these intense days and will be open to all. Dansens Hus is the organizer, but both Vega Scene, Riksscenen, Black Box teater, the Opera, Bærum Kulturhus, Kulturkirken Jakob and Vulkan Arena are showing performances and helping to make this gigantic event a reality. ICE HOT is organized every 2nd years and is a collaboration between Dansens Hus in Stockholm, Dansehallerne in Copenhagen, Circus and Dance info Finland and Performing Arts Center Iceland.

    Click HERE for more information about ICE HOT and the programme, that - as mentioned - lasts from Wednesday 14 to Sunday 18 February.