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Dansens Hus Oslo to host next edition of Ice Hot.

Ice Hot will be held in Oslo February 14 – 18. 2024.


    After this years Ice Hot in Helsinki in June and July it was announced that Dansens Hus in Oslo will host this great platform of Nordic dance the next time. Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform is an event presenting both emerging and established names of Nordic contemporary dance and choreography to presenters, programmers and other professionals from all over the world. The first Ice Hot Platform was arranged in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010, as a pilot project, and then in Helsinki, Finland in 2012, in Oslo, Norway in 2014, in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016 and in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2018. The Ice Hot Helsinki 2022 started a new cycle of platforms touring all Nordic countries.

    Ice Hot Nordic Dance is a collaboration network of partner organizations in five Nordic countries: Dance Info Finland, Dansehallerne (Denmark), Dansens Hus Oslo (Norway), Dansens Hus Stockholm (Sweden) and Performing Arts Iceland.

    Deadlines for applications and registrations and not least the program will be announced as the work in Oslo progress.
    We hope to see you there!