Generation XIII: et portrett av unge dansekunstnere

Siden september 2019 har den belgiske sosiologen og forskeren Delphine Hesters jobbet med en podcast der hun tar lyttere med til fem studenter fra PARTS, den internasjonalt kjente skolen til Anne Teresa DeKeersmaeker, over en periode på tre år.

March 2020 PARTS Class W Forsythe Photo Olympe Tits 1

We meet Kia from New Zealand, Eleni from Greece, Renátó from Hungary, Marllon from Brazil and Zoé from France.

They all have completely different cultural, social and dance backgrounds - from step to ballet, ballroom and voguing.

Generation XIII is a portrait of young dance artists where Delphine Hester follows the five students in their development and experiences as dancers. But it is also the story of young people in the most formative years of their lives in the small, international and diverse community PARTS is. Their stories provide insight into contemporary dance and we get to join them behind the scenes at the renowned school PARTS.

What is it like to be young in our time, make new connections far from home, struggle with cultural and linguistic differences and work hard and grow, with all the joy and frustration it brings?

Since March 2020, the current PARTS students have unfortunately also been the "Corona generation". The virus has also hit the school and shifted the study program and the students' personal lives. Delphine also documents this part of the students' history.

Through the podcast series, you get an exciting insight into their lives, sorrows, joys, thoughts and challenges.

Generation XIII is a co-production by Dansens Hus and is freely available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and Buzzsprout or via this link:

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