Fransk tekst i forestillingen Hmadcha

Her er den engelske oversettelsen av teksten som fremføres i forestillingen Hmadcha av Taoufiq Izeddiou.

AY0 A7094 HMADCHA credit Agnes Mellon
- Foto: Agnes Mellon

An Invitation to the Devil, To drink glasses of blue wine, green wine,

The new prince, that gentleman dancing with the dark, invites us...

An invitation to hope nestled in a mirage, Somewhere, around a table, under my reins, We must seize the chances and bite our lips, Pizza, Pizza, Pizza, Pizza with Youssef's flesh, Pizza with Youssef's blood, Pizza for this devil, For our Satan loves pizza... and the meat of those gullible lambs (sheep)...

On the footsteps of the informant, we shall march, The new god shall give us what we want. Let us gather in secret, without notifying friends, Let us gather in secrecy, somewhere: around a table, under his reins... This Youssef, our brother, hides from us the sunlight, He turns us against ourselves... to become masters of ourselves he impresses... and even our new god fears him...

...beautiful, how beautiful... this god! Our god loves sex, Our god loves alcohol, our god adores scattering, he savors scraps... God loves us, he opens his bed to us... God, nothing else is divine but his promises... (propositions).

For what has no past has no fu-ture. Suspend all allegiance to the party... Be serene, the future is in the hands of an zealous Satan. (He speaks with a drunken calm / a loyal Satan who would speak to you in serene intoxication) In a peaceful intoxication, he speaks, Rejoices in the friendship he bears for Yousseph, he celebrates it in funerals... like the remains of his possessions, those scraps of pizza pizza pizza...

Yesterday companions of Youssef... now turned memento, black box delivered as an offering to divine commands.

Since Youssef ceased the red, we perish each day from his battles. He wants us free, He wants us creative, he wants us under his wing, The new god, wants us as we are... Not to spoil Youssef's blood, Not to lose. He welcomes us to share the inheritance. Beautiful, how beautiful... this god, He desires our blessing to plunder us... Let us adorn ourselves and adjust our appearance,

For the mass begins... nothing is more divine.

It is finished with Youssef's flesh... Our flesh awaits... Our zealous Satan, patient, fervent, and hungry for our destinies. How I love the yellow!