Anonymousse 11.–14. May

Kristina: Ida, look!

Ida: Ooh, what a great jump! Hey, why are you dancing with a mask on?

Kristina: It’s fun…

Ida: Fun because you can be someone else?

Kristina: …Hmm… or maybe I become more myself? The mask somehow hides me and reveals me at the same time.

Ida: A paradox! Could the mask coax you into being more of what you really want to be?

(Kristina dances)

Ida: Ha ha, you’re like a cross between Alien and Jim Carrey.

Kristina: aaaalrighskakinnkjjjofrrr rrrr

Ida: theeraffsl ge kahohh jachh!

Kristina: Jachhmousse!

Pretty much everyone agrees that the company Th’Line came into being because the world needed it in 2006. They were discovered on YouTube in 2007, and invited to perform at the Julidans festival in Amsterdam. Since then, the company has choreographed and performed in bars and garden festivals, on all sorts of dance and theatre stages, in archways and foyers, and can boast over thirty million views of the video in which Kristina films Ida tottering around on ice in sky-high heels and a muscle-suit. (Search text: STUPID GIRL trying to walk on ICE!) Th’Line is run by dance artists Kristina Søetorp Wallace and Ida Wigdel, and has developed a unique style which mixes together the beautiful and the ugly, stupid and the cool, in a confrontational way. Their cross-genre expression often uses humour, and the company is well known for its inclusive and expressive performances. This is Th’Line’s third production on the main stage at Dansens Hus.


Choregraphy and performers:
Kristina Søetorp Wallace
Ida Wigdel
Costumes, masks and set design:
Kristine Gjems
Sound design:
Juhani Silvola
Light design:
Evelina Dembacke
Caroline Blomqvist
Mats Eldøen og Ine Therese Berg
Tale Hendnes/Dansens Hus
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